Koh Talu is the heaven of snorkeling diving in the Gulf of Thailand. There are shallow-water coral reefs around the island. Snorkeling diving and skin diving are the funniest activities in Koh Talu.

We have a large raft to bring the travelers to the diving point around the island with comfortable. The raft departed from the harbor around the late morning and come back before lunch.

For the snorkeling diving lovers, the funny time is not finished. There is a shallow-water coral reef you can swim to see from the beach in front of your resident any time.

Scuba Diving

For the underwater world lovers and diving enthusiasts, Koh Talu also has a dive center with world class diving courses and diving trip in nearby islands. Licensed dive masters provide you with all necessary advice and training.

Diving at Ran Ped Ran Kai

If you want to know more about the underwater world and longer, you should never miss diving points at nearby areas such as Koh Ran Pet-Ran Kai islands, etc.

These two islands located in Chumphon province not far from Koh Talu. You will see the wonderful underwater world with various species of fishes, the field of thousands of sea anemones, sea pens swayed with water flow, and heart-shaped underwater cave.


Learn and enjoy sailing with a yacht in catamaran style that is driven by only wind and control by sail.

Trek to the "Love" Cliff

Thai Cooking Class

Everyone who came to Koh Talu was always appreciated with tasty meals. But the more exciting is the chance to try cooking from the material you gathering in the local and the non-toxic kitchen garden by yourself with a local cook. Learn the secret recipe from our cook and enjoy the cook-it-yourself meals.


Complete your exhausted but joyful day with relaxing massage in the spa house while sea breeze create an aura of perfect bliss.

Sunset cruise + Squid fishing

Experience the unforgettable sunset scene with floating raft on smooth sea in the evening.Then enjoy catching and tasting delicious squids from the sea.

Beach Bar

Koh Talu is always your private world any time you like. But if you love enjoyment and music, there is Beach Bar Exclusive with various drinks and music accompany to sea waves for your special night.


Travel by your arms and oars with colorful kayak that brings you to the seascape.

Private Dinner

Special meals serve just for two on a private island with location and atmosphere as you wish. From lovely arch in candlelight on the beach, private dinner on harbor bridge or dinner in BBQ camping style in the raft at sea in full moon night.

Blue Swimming Bank Crab Visit

Koh Talu Island Resort has supported various environmental conservation projects with Bang Sa Pan fishermen. One of those projects is the Blue Swimming Crab Bank Project, which managed by local fishermen.

The basis of the project is to accept taking care of female crabs with eggs outside their shells until they remove their eggs to Klong Cha Muang channel which declared as a water creature hatching area.
After 2 weeks the eggs, then develop to a lot of small crabs and go to the sea for their growing. The result is instead of female blue swimming crabs with eggs outside their shells have been caught and sold. The project is to give an opportunity for their eggs. So there will be more crabs in the sea for endless catching.

Before or after going to Koh Talu, tourists can visit the Blue Swimming Crab Bank at Ban Nong Samed. You also go by crab catching boat to see with yourself for the result of the Crab Bank. How more crabs are there in our sea. Moreover, you should try fresh blue swimming crabs boiled by the fishermen. Try it and tell us how delicious are they.

Travel by your arms and oars with colorful kayak that brings you to the seascape.

Private Barbeque on the raft

If fresh grilled squids are not enough, we recommended you try our dinner on a private raft in the sea. We shall create a private BBQ party come with grilled foods and drinks in a cozy atmosphere.

Sea Turtle Conservation

The sea turtles are rare animals. They must spawn only on the beach without disturbance. Koh Thalia is one of the few suitable places for laying their eggs. Every year, sea turtles come here to spawning at least 2 times. When they finished their process and departed.

Staff from the Sea Turtles Protection Project, in the name of the Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation (SMRF), comes to take care of those eggs until hatched. They also raise the spawns continuously until they grow enough and ready for their journey to the sea.

You can joy our sea turtles activity in special events, i.e. “save…care… bring back to the sea” activity and the nursery ponds cleaning volunteer with the foundation personnel.

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