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A Purposeful Vacation

A Purposeful Vacation

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Koh Talu Island is surrounded by corals and various underwater creatures. It also the plentiful and safe ‘home’ for Hawksbill endangered sea turtles found only in the Gulf. The Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation (SMRF) was established to protect marine resources around the Island and to raise the awareness of Thai sea and coastal ecosystem conservation.


Guests can jointhe volunteer activities at Koh Talu such as the coral rehabilitation with artificial roots; sea turtle study; turtle pond and spawning site sanitizing; islander’s life study; and support ‘the blue swimmer crab bank’–the conservation project for local fishery.


We would like to thank guests for volunteering and helping with our special activities as part of the coral planting project.Moreover, scuba divers can join our staff to bring the coral plots to the nursery area by themselves under the skilled staff suggestions and supervision.


The volunteers also join the Koh Talu sea turtle conservation project. The Foundation’s staff ready to provide you with the background of the project and other useful information. You can join various activities i.e. beach garbage collecting of the sea turtle spawning area, help the staff prepare food for turtles and cleaning nursery pond. The main purpose of the project is to promote the participation in sea conservation for Bang Saphan Bay ’s stakeholders and the neighboring areas.


The Foundation has then created the “save… care… bring back to the sea” project to bring young healthy and ready turtles back to sea. We have activities on the important events which the locals and the community, especially youths in the Aw Bang Saphan area attend. Moreover, the tourists in ‘A Purposeful Vacation’ package can participate in the activities according to dates and times in the Foundation’s website.

The Koh Talu Volunteer Activities


Coral Rehabilitation

Guests can help the coral rehabilitation project in various ways,i.e. preparing attach materials for coral nursery; surveying and collecting natural broken corals; preparing places and equipment in coral planting activities for tourists and attendees; and placing corals in appropriate places after training is given by staff.

Thevolunteers will learn about biology and ecosystem of coral that important for its survival. After training the volunteers will plant corals by themselves. All information recorded by the project.


Nursery House Caring

This activity is focused on the caring of the Hawksbill nursery house and spawning area. Some nests are threatened by its natural enemies. Staff will move the eggs to hatching bed at a semi-natural beach with appropriate area with proper environment for hatching. After hatching, staff will move turtles to the nursery pond under the experts and veterinary doctors’ control.

The purpose of this activity is to study and understand the nature of Hawksbill turtles for further conservation. The volunteers can join by studying and providing the information to save the sea turtles,its spawning areas and the practices when encounter sea turtles. They also help our staff cleaning the pond, preparing turtle foods or taking care of the spawning area to help increase surviving chance for sea turtles.


Eggs Trap

The egg trap is a method to help female turtles in pit digging and lay their eggs faster. Because in nature, the female sea turtles must dig 3-4 pits until she finds a suitable one. The volunteers are helping to remove stones under sand in the spawning area. Then digging a pit in 3 meters length and 70 centimeters width, fill the pit with beach sand about 1 meter in height. This method is the most effective way to help female sea turtles when they come to lay eggs at high tide, reduce pit digging time. It also saves the female sea turtles from hurting by sharp stones which emerge from the water during low tide.


Sung Ko

The Sung Ko is the indigenous Knowledge that the locals use to protect and increase numbers of creatures living near the coast.Its function is to be shelters for young aquatic animals. Made from local floatable materials such as old rope or seine, palm leaf stalk
and bamboo bound together and load with cement mass or underwater rocks.

The Sung Ko is the old way to save animals and prevent the large fishing boats from coming too close to the coast. Guests will learn how to build Sung Ko with the local fishermen in Bang Saphan Bay closely.


Blue Swimming Crab Bank

The Blue Swimming Crab Bank Project is one of the CommunityBased Fisheries Management (CBFM) Bang Saphan Bay. The basis of the project is to accept taking care of female crabs with eggs until they remove their eggs to Klong Cha Muang channel which declared as a water creature hatching area. After 2 weeks the eggs hatch and a lot of baby crabs and go to the sea for their growing.

The result is, instead of catching female blue swimming crabs with eggs for commercial purpose, this project is to give an opportunity for their eggs to hatch. So, there will be more crabs in the sea for endless catching. Guests also learn the process of the Blue Swimming Crab Bank. How the process increases the crabs in the sea.

  • Pearl Bay 4 Days 3 Nights Package start from 11,100 Baht per persons
  • Pearl Bay 3 Day 2 Nights package start from 8,700 Baht per

Package Include:

  • Learning activity: The Community Based Fisheries Management (CBFM) Bang Saphan Bay, the Blue Swimming Crab Bank,Walking and Learning about the lifestyle of local fishermen from Ban Nong Samet, Try fresh seafood with the locals.
  • Lean the process of blue swimming crab bank with fishermen,helping them in the process of the Blue Swimming Bank project and release the eggs from nursery back to nature.
  • Accommodation at Pearl Bay.
  • Sea food buffet serves all meals with drinking water, tea, coffee,juices with snacks and seasonal fruits, and special 1 barbecue seafood set for 2nd dinner serving at the restaurant reserved for the package.
  • Snorkeling (with mask, snorkel, life jacket) is controlled by experienced staff. There are 2 diving points, for your safety and give you the most remarkable experience, the captain will choose a point and manage the time for the activity depending on the natural condition and the number of tourists.
  • Coral planting activity: Staff provide guests with information,method and brief details of the project and biology of coral, then guests are provided 1 branch each and demonstrate how they put it in the nursery bed. Tourists with prior scuba diving skills can dive with the staff to plant the coral branches underwater.
  • Learn about the sea turtles head start program and taking care of the sea turtles in the nursery. The guest can help the foundation staff to clean the nursery and nesting area, feed them food or scrub their shells to remove the algae.
  • Koh Talu staff take care of you in Walking Tour activity by guiding you to the beautiful points of the island i.e. the view point (Pha Phob Rak), the coral museum and the sea turtle nursery.
  • Beach chairs are provided for you to relax with nice music in the afternoon or you can come to enjoy after dinner party (party venue will be informed during the briefing)

  • The rate quoted is for package for 1 person and VAT included.
  • This package is for twin sharing basis; For the individual (single) stay, additional 30% of the package rate will be applied.
  • Please reserve package at least 7 days in advance.
  • This special package is designed only for the volunteer tourist groups. The details given are for the basic program for 3 days 2 nights. Its duration is from 3 days to 2 weeks, if you would like to attend, the more advanced project, please contact for more information the Reservation office.
  • Our activities: Kayaking, SUP boarding, Catamaran sailing and Sunset Cruise are serviced with the trainer.*Fees are not included in the package.
  • Shuttle bus from/to hotel or accommodation in Cha Um- Hua Hin-Pranburi-Prachuap Khiri Khan-Huay Yang – Ban Krut areas; Thebus service according to time table only; call the Reservation for the time and details.
  • For guests who wish to come to the main land speed boat quay by themselves, the Resort staff will take care and recommend you about traveling. The daily schedule for speed boat leaving time from main land is about 10.00 am and back from Koh Talu Island about 02.30 pm.A fee may charge for special arrangements and if you travel in other times, please contact the Reservation office for details.*Time table for speedboat may change as appropriate depending on natural conditions for your safety.
  • Check in time is 02.00 pm and check out time is 12.00 noon; if you would like to check in before or check out later than the time, please contact our staff.
  • Other policies are following the resort term & conditions.


  • Included
    Round trip transfer by speed boat

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