jos55 instaslot88 Sea Turtle Conservation – Koh Talu Island Resort ดำน้ำดูปะการัง เกาะทะลุ บางสะพาน

Sea Turtle Conservation

Sea Turtle

The sea turtles are rare animals. They must spawn only on the beach without disturbance. Koh Thalia is one of the few suitable places for laying their eggs. Every year, sea turtles come here to spawning at least 2 times. When they finished their process and departed.

Staff from the Sea Turtles Protection Project, in the name of the Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation (SMRF), comes to take care of those eggs until hatched. They also raise the spawns continuously until they grow enough and ready for their journey to the sea.

You can joy our sea turtles activity in special events, i.e. “save…care… bring back to the sea” activity and the nursery ponds cleaning volunteer with the foundation personnel.

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