Behind the complete underwater world that we have seen at Koh Talk, there is a part of cooperation of planting coral project team who takes care and revive the destroyed parts of the coral reef. From 1997 to the present, there were more 40,000 corals has been planted. We can participate the way to build the wonderful world by joining the project and take care our corals for a long time.


Koh Talu is the natural richness island and one of the very few islands in Thai sea that turtles often come to lay their eggs. Koh Talu Island Resort cooperates with the governmental and private organizations to rise the sea turtle protection project to take care every new born on the island until surviving and release them back to the sea. We also participate in turtle conservation activities in special events, i.e. the turtle release back to the sea, the eggs laying survey project and the nursery ponds cleaning volunteer with the foundation personnels.


Memorize the beautiful sunset scene with floating raft on smooth sea in the evening. Then enjoy catching and tasting delicious squids from the sea.