We called ourselves the islanders. Because of Koh Talu is our home. We hope our home beautiful forever. Every morning the islander often walks down the beach to pick up wastes swashed from the sea last night. Pee Boy, the diving trainer, swims to explore tidiness of the coral planting beds. Pee Boonlert, the turtle conservator, always clean the nursery pond energetically. He also takes care the hundred hatchling’s health for their convenience. This is only part of the islander’s routine work that occurred every day.


Koh Talu Island Resort is mange along with the sea conservation on behalf of the Siam Marine Rehabilitation Foundation (SMRF) which have a lot of activities, i.e. the fishing resources management project by the Bang Sa Pan Gulf community pioneer together with the resort. There are various projects conducted consecutively, such as the coral planting project, the sea turtle conservation project, etc. to keep the beautiful nature be with us forever.